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So, a new update for Sonic Dash happened recently, in which it’s supposed to prep for an upcoming Challenge Event that unlocks a new character to the roster.

In addition to that, the update seems to have added new character specific trick poses, which seem easily like something you’d expect each character to do, such as Tails doing his usual “Jump in the air and strike a cheerful pose”, Blaze looking like she’s ready to light up if needed, Knuckles punching the air (that first image reminds me of his jump pose in Sonic Heroes), Shadow doing his Ultimate Lifeform pose, and Sonic just having a good time…

And then there’s Amy… Who really should think about either wearing shorts or a longer skirt, because I REALLY don’t care about seeing under that. Which happens 90% of the time when you play as her. It makes it really awkward when the finger swipe/arrow flashes on the screen as well… Oh, Sega… Why..?

Seriously, they should just switch her outfit to the one in Sonic Riders. It’s cute, and doesn’t show anything, and is well suited for athletics.