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Really, I'll post what I want... But it'd probably gonna be mostly Mephiles... Sonic series in general is good too...

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Just a friendly reminder of this little thing… :3

Mephiles is merely a parallel to SA2!Shadow, it seems, or rather a look at what might have happened to Shadow if he had decided to indulge in that revenge thingy. 

No wonder Shadow has such a particular drive to stop him. Because Mephiles is a personification of Shadow’s dark side… but you guys already knew that I like to conclude that. XD

Maybe that’s why I like to write stories that involve the two either having to be forced to team up and adapt, or have the personalities clash so much. Because Shadow is really looking in a mirror of the past, and Mephiles is seeing what he’ll never be able to be his future. 

Seriously, why don’t we see more of that kind of depiction? It just writes itself. :3