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Y’all remember the ledge in Twitch Plays Pokemon Red..?

Well, guess what just happened in Twitch Plays Fire Red?


Deja vu, amirite?

See, look! I’m trying this thing out too~!

See, look! I’m trying this thing out too~!



It’s fine; if we had been speaking face to face you likely would have caught the joke, but with the internet you often have to rely on words alone, and you can miss so much without the help of tone of voice and whatnot.  And yes my god she’s adorable.  Honestly, SEGA has done a very good job with all of their female characters; their designs are all really pretty while also being very unique from one another.  I sorta wish they’d make up an excuse to bring Tikal back, just because I wonder how beautiful she’d be, now that they have more knowledge on how to do animation.  Imagine her in today’s current graphics, man.  That’d be awesome.

Can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want her Sonic Rider’s outfit.  Especially the pants.  That floral print’s so pretty.  OwO

I suppose Dark gets that from me as well… XD

Rouge is probably my favorite female character ever, or at least in the top 3. She’s awesome, funny, skilled, caring for her friends… she’s got a lot of great traits once you take a good look at her. I always love when the games have her in it, and even better when you can play as her with some significance. 

I also loved her model in Sonic 06 in the fully rendered cutscenes. I mean, she looked really nice there:

Seriously, that looks great. Her face and her expression was just perfect and sweet. :D

Tikal was really cute too, though I can’t recall if she ever got a decent in game voice over (the one in SA1 felt a bit bland to me… like the rest of the dubbing, really), but I like to plug in another controller for SA2 and try and control both players just so she can be on the screen.

If the Sonic Boom designs are any indication of quality, I suppose her wrappings would look fabulous with today’s rendering skills. :D

Love the flower print… mainly it’s what’s drawing me to the want of it. :D

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*trying out Twitch Plays Pokemon FireRed for the first time on Anarchy Mode*

One should not have this much power…


starprincess13 said: It was actually supposed to be a joke about the really silly doodle you did, but in all seriousness I do agree that Rouge is a very pretty character. And I totally want her Sonic Rider’s outfit.

Well… there I go again, completely missing the underlying tone of joking. XD

But, still… she’s got a rather pretty design. She also looks really cute when they render the cute fangs in. :3

And I too would like her Sonic Riders’ outfit as well. :D


*may or may not make AMV for Crona and Medusa with this…*

starprincess13 said: She’s goddamn beautiful. :I

I’ll say:

starprincess13 said: I can’t stop laughing at that Rouge sketch oh my GOD.

Rouge is a graceful lady, is she not? XD

I suppose it makes sense, with her being a bat and all, to have a sound based attack…

My only question is why didn’t SEGA make that happen sooner? XD

Also, this icon:

This is seriously my favorite thing I’ve seen in the series in a long time. XD